Finding a Reputable Breeder

With thousands of unwanted dogs living in shelters and desperately looking for new homes, we highly recommend that you at least consider adopting a puppy or adult dog. You will be able to find details of your local shelters and rescue centers online. However if your heart is set on a purebred puppy then the [...]

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How to Adopt a New Pet

A new pet can be very exciting! But do you know where to find the pet that's right for you? Choosing which pet you'd like can be hard, and not just because you have to choose between one kitten or puppy and another. We've got the tips to help you make the right decision — [...]

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Picking Your Perfect Cat

If you have decided that a cat is the right pet for you then you may think that the decision making process is complete, but in fact you are still at the very beginning. Cats, like humans, are all very different and selecting one to suit your needs and lifestyle is vitally important as it [...]

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Picking Your Perfect Puppy

With the World Canine Organization recognizing over 300 different breeds of dog across the globe, it can be extremely difficult to know which is right for you and your lifestyle. When making the decision to bring a puppy into your home you are making a commitment to usually at least ten years of love, care [...]

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