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Give your cat the gift of good health with our Pet Wellness Plan.

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Cats Wellness Plan, Thomasville Veterinary Hospital Urgent Care + Surgery

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Cost Comparison

Cat Wellness Plan

Services No Plan With Plan
Annual Core Vaccination with Exam $133.50
Fecal Exam $22.50
6-Month Wellness Exam $68.00
12-Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention (type recommended by veterinarian) $281.00
Total $505.00 $432
SAVE $73.00

Get unlimited Wellness Visits for an extra $10/mo

This Wellness Plan add-on covers the exam fee any time your pet is not feeling well. If your cat seems out of sorts, bring him or her in for an exam with one of our doctors to ensure what seems like a small concern today doesn't turn into a major medical issue.

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