Referral Services

Thomasville Vet Hospital is pleased to offer to the veterinary community and pet owners an alternative to traveling the distance and undergoing the expense of specialty hospitals. Because we are not a specialty clinic (our overhead expenses are not the same) we can many times provide the same service at a more affordable rate. With our many years of experience, we have developed the skill level necessary to perform many of the same services that are now being referred out to specialist.

We offer major medical work ups needing ultrasound and/or endoscopy. We are performing most orthopedic surgical procedures, and also soft tissue surgeries as well, including IM pinning, bone plating, ACL and patellar repairs, laporotomies, and abdominal and thoracic mass removals. We have Covidien LigaSure that we use in many of our abdominal cases as well as in soft palate resections. We accept limited ophthalmology cases. We also see after hours emergency critical care patients. Please see our brochure under clinic forms for more information.

These services are offered on a referral basis so please ask your veterinarian about us. If you do not having a referring veterinarian, you can set up an appointment with us to start a doctor/patient relationship. We will determine your pet’s needs and go from there. All medical findings and procedures will be communicated back to your veterinarian.