Emergency & Critical Care

Just like humans, our animal companions sometimes need emergency treatment. This can be because of an accident or injury, or sometimes just from the sudden onset of serious illness. We know how important it is to get these valued members of your family access to treatment as soon as possible.

What to Expect

It can be very frightening having to make an emergency dash to a veterinary surgery, however we will do our very best to reassure you, while taking compassionate care of your pet.

When you contact us we will initially provide advice over the telephone and advise whether or not we believe your animal needs immediate veterinary treatment. If you feel your pet needs urgent medical assistance, we will ask you to bring them to us where we have the expertise, equipment and medicine to provide the very best care.  If a doctor is not available at our location, you will be instructed on how to contact and reach one of our sister hospitals.

We will see your pet as soon as possible after your arrival at the clinic, where an examination will be carried out by a qualified veterinarian. We operate a priority first system so that animals deemed in the greatest need after their initial assessment will be seen and treated first, but we aim to ensure that all animals are treated as promptly as possible.

We will also endeavor to contact your usual veterinarian with a full update of your pets’ condition and progress.

It will be necessary for us to ask for payment for your pets’ consultation and treatment at the time that the care is provided. An idea of costs will be provided during the initial consultation. If you have pet insurance then the cost may be all or partially reimbursed by your policy, but it is important that you check the conditions and small print carefully.

We understand and value your special relationship with your animals and can assure you that when they are in our hands, we will treat your family pet as if they were our own.

Hospital Services Include

  • Endoscopy
  • Ligasure
  • In-House Laboratory
  • Fully Stocked Pharmacy
  • Pain Management
  • Blood Transfusions