First Aid for Pets

Accidents and emergencies aren’t just for humans. While first aid is no substitute for emergency veterinary care, it is important for treating certain injuries and preventing symptoms or situations from worsening. In critical emergencies opting to administer first aid before heading to your veterinarian could make the difference between the life and death of your [...]

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Traveling with Your Pet

Our pets are a beloved part of our family and sometimes this means that they have to travel with us when we undertake long journeys. As a general rule cats seriously dislike traveling and are almost always better off at home in their own environment. Dogs are more amenable to traveling, but there are still [...]

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How to Stay Safe and Have Fun When Kids and Pets Play

Letting children, especially young children, and pets, especially new ones, play can be a little nerve wracking. The foremost worry is for the safety of the children, of course — it's more likely that an animal would physically hurt a child than the other way around. Unfortunately, kids can hurt pets too, and what's more, [...]

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Seasonal Care

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a State with relatively consistent weather and temperatures. Just as humans change their behavior and diet with fluctuations in temperature, so do most animals. Here are our guidelines for seasonal care for your pets. Winter If temperatures plummet and your pet usually likes to spend most of [...]

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General Pet Safety

Keeping your pet safe is the most important part of keeping both you and your pet happy. When you first adopt a pet or new breed of pet — or even better, before you adopt them — be sure to research the basics of your pet. When you finally select a pet, talk to the [...]

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