Doggy Day Care

Because we love our dogs, we want to give them the best care possible, but often it’s very difficult to make time in our busy schedules for really working with our dogs to socialize and exercise them. Doggie daycare is an excellent solution. It allows our dogs to “play” off excess energy and get socialization with other dogs and people. This gives you a happier, healthier dog whose company you can truly enjoy during your time together.

Doggie daycare isn’t just for “trouble children” who do not do well alone at home, but it’s also great for the well adjusted who love to play and deserve the exercise and attention. Instead of sleeping or being enactive all day, your pet can enjoy playing, running and interacting with other dogs that are just as happy as they are to be at doggie daycare. At the end of the day, they leave ready for dinner and snuggle time!!!

Thomasville Pet Resort Daycare + Spa offers both outdoor and indoor play areas. Whether it is a beautiful day or rainy and cold your pet can enjoy play time with all their friends at Doggie Daycare.

All dogs must first go through an evaluation to determine if they are able to attend doggie daycare. Please call for a complimentary evaluation day for your family pet.

All dogs must be current on all vaccinations and on flea and internal parasite preventative.

Click Here for Doggy Day Care Brochure